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Latin Grill from Eat Drink Tampa

Latin Grill

It was girls shopping day on Sunday and that always means there is a new restaurant in our view. We were shopping in Brandon so a trip to the Latin Grill was our destination. I just love new restaurants and never know quite what is in store. We were promptly seated but it took about 10 minutes before we got a server, that was the only flaw we could complain about. Once we were waited on everything went very well. Our server brought our drinks and basket of cuban garlic bread served with a cup of a really interesting green sauce. We asked out waitress what it was and all she would say was jalapenos. That much we had already guessed, it didn’t appear to have oil in it, but did have for sure some garlic, black pepper and we thought a hint of lime. It was really good on the bread and wasn’t all that hot either. We’ll be on a quest to figure this one out.

Latin Grill from Eat Drink Tampa

Next we ordered the Deviled Crab to try out. This is a Tampa appetizer you can find in most Cuban or Latin restaurants. It is shaped like a little football and deep fried. It is stuffed with a crab filling.

Latin Grill from Eat Drink Tampa We decided to order a Grilled Chicken Salad which was served with Ham Croquettes which are like the Deviled Crab but with ham instead. We didn’t taste much of a ham flavor in ours. The salad was served with Ranch and a Raspberry dressing. The salad was really good, the chicken had been marinated and was very tender. The greens couldn’t of been fresher, they appeared to be almost made to order. The tomatoes well, you can see for yourself.

Latin Grill from Eat Drink Tampa

To top it all off we ordered a Cuban Sandwich. The ham on the sandwich was amazing, it outshone everything on the sandwich. It was for sure as good as any Cuban sandwich we had have in Ybor City. We were splitting everything we ordered and had we known the size of the portions here we would of ordered less. The portion sizes are big. It was fun sitting there watching what other people had ordered. There were lots of things served we asked our server about. If you are looking for good Latin food the Latin Grill is your destination without going into Tampa. On Friday and Saturday nights they also have a band and we were told to get there early for that if you wanted a table.

Latin Grill from Eat Drink Tampa Latin Grill 3318 John Moore Rd Brandon, FL (813) 654-8000 Latin Grill on Facebook (check out their photo gallery for more food pictures)


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