Victory Farm Blueberries

Victory Farm Blueberries

I went and picked blueberries here this year and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had picking blueberries. First of all no bending over! All of the blueberries are in pots and it makes it so easy. Sharon and Ron even give you belts to tie the plastic containers on around your waist so you can pick with both hands and there are so many blueberries here it works out really well.

Victory Farm Blueberries

I picked about 9 lbs. of delicious blueberries in under an hour. There are several varieties of blueberries so picking season this year lasted just over a month.


Blueberry Pies from That's My Home

Recipe for Blueberry Pies¬†You can see in the picture above how beautiful their blueberries are! They were also very sweet. I don’t know which variety it was but one of them was like eating candy, they were that sweet.

Victory Farm Blueberries
12445 Fort King Rd.
Dade City, FL 33525

If you get on their mailing list Sharon will let you know when the picking times are weekly.

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