Hydro Harvest Farm

Hydro Harvest Farms

I found this gem of a farm right in my own backyard so to say and I was so excited when I realized what this place really was. I went to Ruskin a few weeks ago looking for fresh vegetables.

I was more than a little surprised to find most of what they had in a big cooler and just a few melons, tomatoes and potatoes out on the tables. I started to leave not seeing anything I needed and that is when the owner asked me if I had been there before. When I said no he promptly started to show me what was right outside the doors. He had me at fresh pick your own herbs, all you could put in a clam shell for $3.00. I could pick any of a bunch of varieties all for the same price! There were mints of all kinds, flat chives, dill, basil, oregano, sage, stevia and a few more I am sure. John took me out to see the stevia and he picked a piece and said bet you don’t know what this is? I tasted it and it was so sweet but I had no idea until he said it was stevia.

Hydro Harvest Farms

Look at these beautiful heads of dill, doesn’t that make you want to make some pickles? It did me and I have a half gallon jar full in my refrigerator right now waiting for the barbecue this weekend.

Hydro Harvest Farms

The selection of lettuce was just as awesome. While showing me around I also got a tip from John who told me if I put the lettuce we had just cut in a bowl with a little water for just 10 minutes when I got home and then put my lettuce in the refrigerator it would last as long as 3 weeks. I did just that and I can attest that over a week later it still looks as good as it did when I picked it.

Hydro Harvest Farms

The thing I love best about this kind of gardening is no bending over. Everything is right within reach. Hydro Harvest farms even sells the complete kits with all the containers to help you start your own hydroponic garden.

Hydro Harvest Farms

I’m going back tomorrow to see if the beets are ready for picking yet. The okra and eggplants were in bloom also. They also have rows of strawberries in season. I think I got the last quart of strawberries they had to pick and I came home and made strawberry ice cream with them.

Hydro Harvest Farms

Look at this celery? Isn’t it pretty?

Find Hydro Harvest Farms at 1101 Shell Point Rd East in Ruskin, Florida. Find them online here.


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    Thank you so much for enjoying our little farm with big surprises. Lots of veggies and fruit are growing. Come on back all year round for local seasonal fresh pesticide non GMO food!
    Thanks, Terrie

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