Sanwa Farmer’s Market

Sanwa Farmer's Market from Eat Drink Tampa

Sanwa Farmer’s Market is not your typical farmers market. It is more like a warehouse store with deals on about anything you can think of around every corner. Sanwa has everything from fresh herbs, fresh produce, meat counters, groceries of all kinds at wholesale club prices but without a club membership.

This place is simply amazing, you could easily spend a few hours here the first time and not see it all. Entering the store there were racks of fresh herb plants to choose from at half the price you would usually see them for. Then you see a refrigerator section with lots of Chinese specialties, like fresh noodles, soy and more. But this is way more than a Chinese grocery even though it is heavily influenced with ethnic items. You can buy a single item of something or a case of it.

This place is foodie heaven! It is one of the best finds I have found so far in Tampa. This place will not only save you tons of money but you will love the quality and selection even more.

This picture above is what you see when you first come in the door. This aisle is cooking oils and rice. On the shelving behind is smaller sizes of all kinds of more oils, seasoning sauces and vinegars.

Sanwa Farmer's Market from Eat Drink Tampa

 Above is another partial aisle full of Goya canned goods, coconut milks of all kinds, canned fruits and vegetables.

When you enter the produce area, you are going to wish you had brought a sweater even though it likely is 90 degrees outside. All of the produce is kept in a large refrigerated room. There are also live lobster tanks and a huge frozen seafood area in this room.

Sanwa Farmer's Market from Eat Drink Tampa

Sanwa Farmer's Market from Eat Drink Tampa
These 2 pictures don’t even cover a third of the produce area! Connected to this room is also a meat area. There is a meat case with fresh meats and freezers line the walls of the room with all kinds of frozen meat products.

Back out in the main shopping area there is still a lot to explore, they carry restaurant supplies, paper products and more. You’ll come here for the value but the quality will bring you back again.

Sanwa Farmer’s Market
2621 E Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 234-8428


Hours   Monday-Thursday 4:30am – 7pm    Friday-Saturday 4am – 7pm  Sunday 8am – 5 pm

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