Food Truck Festival

 The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

It was a gorgeous Florida day when I went to the Food Truck Festival with a friend. We got there about 10 am right before the crowds got there.

In another 45 minutes there was almost truck to truck people! It was only about 75 degrees out so it was a perfect day to walk around the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

It only took me about 10 minutes to stop at my first truck where they were serving Beef Brisket in flour tortillas with onion strings. They were good but would of been even better with some traditional Mexican garnish. The brisket was cooked perfectly. Haha, I had already taken a bite when I remembered I needed to take a picture.

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

They had some interesting choices on their menu and these are just a few. The empanadas were a real bargain at only 3 dollars. If you see PJ Ricks at a rally near you I’d would recommend trying them.

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

We continues walking thru the fairgrounds and the places that were serving beverages seemed to be very popular, I saw lots of people walking around with fresh pineapple drinks but at $12.00 a pop I decided not to imbibe.


Next up we got to another Tampa favorite Give and Grub. I’m going to be meeting up with them soon and go sample what they serve. I love the concept of this food truck because for every gourmet meal they serve they team up with Metropolitan Ministries,  Feeding America and Laser Spine Institute. They donate one meal to the hungry children and families in our area for each Give & Grub purchase. Thanks for caring Give and Grub!

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

We then wandered over to another segment where we saw several long lines forming for Maine Lobster Sandwiches and Sarge’s BBQ. I am definitely going to have to find out where these guys hang out. I miss that good ole Alabama BBQ.

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

I can tell you this is my kind of event. Next time I am going with a group of people so we can share because you can get real full fast and not be able to sample half of what I wanted to.

If only I were younger I would think about investing in one of these trucks. I’m smart enough to know that this is a young person’s game so will just enjoy visiting as many as I can. I remember first learning about food trucks at least 15 years ago in Austin, TX. Not far from town about 8 were set up. I had an excellent gourmet meal and then one of the best banana cream donuts I’ve eaten in my life. It was so big it served as breakfast the next morning. The wait was over 20 minutes to get one and people just kept lining up. I knew then these truck owners were on to something and look at them now. Just amazing!

The World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 3

I love this cute little Ice Cream and Drink truck.

This one may of been the most colorful.


This food festival is already in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most food trucks in a parade.  The record is 121 trucks. This year they decided to focus on quality and had only 75 trucks. It is more than enough because figuring out what to eat still was a challenge. I can’t wait until next year!

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