Sanwa Farmer’s Market

Sanwa Farmer's Market from Eat Drink Tampa

Sanwa Farmer’s Market is not your typical farmers market. It is more like a warehouse store with deals on about anything you can think of around every corner. Sanwa has everything from fresh herbs, fresh produce, meat counters, groceries of all kinds at wholesale club prices but without a club membership.

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Cacciatore Bros.

Cacciatore Bros. Eat Drink Tampa

Cacciatore Bros. has been owned and operated by the Cacciatore family since 1896. They specialize in Italian foods that can be hard to find and a little more. They have a huge pasta selection which I guess is to be expected but it goes deeper than that.

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Bayshore Market

Bayshore Market at Eat Drink Tampa

Bayshore Market is in an old former gas station where owners, Linda and Paul Schobben created this wonderful neighborhood market. The outside and greenhouse are filled with beautiful flowers and planters, some of which you don’t normally see. Below is an unusual lavender plant that isn’t quite as fragrant as regular lavender but it makes up for it in flowers and pretty foliage.

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